Frequently Asked Questions

It’s practically my mantra: I buy houses Good, Bad, and Ugly.

I take no fee or commission from anyone I buy a house from. I make my money through sweat equity, through taking unwanted, ugly, sometimes even abandoned houses in the Atlanta area, fixing them up, and then selling them at prices that reflect their new value.

Lengths of closes are at the discretion of sellers. I pride myself on flexibility. If someone wants to close in as little as a week, I can do it. On the other hand, if someone needs a 60-90 day close, I can work with that as well. I want whatever is best for the people I’m working with and am a problem solver about closing within whatever timeframe sellers need.

In short, the red-hot Atlanta real estate market in recent years has made traditional agents lazy. They can list a nice home on a Wednesday or Thursday and, with maybe one Open House, have multiple offers for their sellers to choose from by the following Monday or Tuesday.

Thing is, the traditional approach works best with houses without any glaring issues. The kinds of houses that I work with -- often blighted, distressed properties -- take a little more work to get even one offer. Traditionals agents don’t want to do this work because these days, quite frankly, they don’t have to.

I don’t just want to do the work. I thrive on it and have a full process for improving even the bleakest of houses.

Other benefits of selling to an investor like myself rather than a real estate agent include no inspections, appraisals, contingencies, fees, or closing costs for sellers. The closing process can also move much more quickly, sometimes as little as one week.

No. In fact, the messier the better. Got mounds of trash throughout the house? Leave it for me, it’s my job to take care of it. Funky smells? No problem. Gouged floors, dirty walls, broken windows? As long as the most basic bones of a house are okay, it’s a good candidate for me and my team to fix up. And even if there aren’t good bones, I can probably still make it work.

Absolutely not. When I receive a query through my website, I’ll take some time to review your property and see if it’s a good fit for what I do. If it is, I’ll reach out for hopefully a conversation and we’ll take it from there.

For anyone with the time, expertise, and funds to renovate their home pre-sale, this might not be a bad route. I wouldn’t necessarily discourage it for anyone who knows what they’re doing.

That being said, inexperienced homeowners can easily get themselves into trouble trying to do what it takes by themselves to fix up an ugly house and sell it at a markup. The more trouble that arises during renovation work, the longer a sale takes and the longer someone has a problem house on their hands. The real estate market can also drop in this time.

By working with me, homeowners get a fair price for their homes reflective of current market value and home condition. More importantly, I make their problem go away.

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