Why Work With Us

Thinking about selling your home with a traditional real estate agent or to Brookshire Homes, LLC?

Here’s a transparent breakdown of the major benefits in choosing to sell you home with us versus a traditional real estate agent.

SOLD to Brookshire Homes, LLC
Do I need an appraisal? Yes! Sales are often subject to appraisal. No! We make cash offers.
Do I pay for repairs? Negotiated during inspection period. No! We pay for all repairs.
Is there an inspection & financing contingency?* Yes! Up to 15% of sales fall through. No!
What's the average number of showings? This can vary quite a bit. Just one! You show it to us.
When do we close? 30-60 +/- days after accepting offer. You choose the closing date.
What's the average number of days until sold? +/- 91 days. You receive an immediate cash offer!
Who pays closing costs? You, as the seller pays 2% on average. We pay all closing costs.
Who pays commissions & fees? You, as the seller pays 6% on average. There are no commissions or fees.

No Closing Costs, Fees, or Commission

Anyone who’s ever bought or sold a home through a traditional agent knows about the fees and closing costs triggered after an offer is accepted.

Go the typical process and there are agent fees -- 3 percent for the buyer’s agent and 3 percent for the seller’s agent, both of which the seller must cover. Closing costs run 2-3 percent of a home’s price and sellers typically cover at least a portion of these costs.

With Brookshire Homes, LLC, the first difference is that I don’t take any commission or fee in buying a home and I cover all closing costs.

No Inspections, Appraisals, or Contingencies

Traditional home sales have all sorts of roadblocks that can kill a sale. Among them, buyers have contingencies, or ways to get out of a sale, based on how their home inspections and appraisals go. Buyers can also demand repairs for problems that arise during the inspection and appraisal process.

On the other hand, I forgo inspections and appraisals and the related contingencies. Repairs? I’ll let my team handle any and all of those after I get possession of the house.

Get an Immediate Cash Offer

On average, a house will sit for around three months on the market before it closes, with any number of different showings and open houses needed. It can be an unpredictable and stressful experience, even for houses without anything wrong with them. And the longer a house sits, the more its price can drop, particularly if the broader real estate market or the economy experiences a dip.

However, when buyers work with Brookshire Homes, LLC, I make sure that the process goes a whole lot faster than three months. I’ll only need one visit to your home. Thereafter, I can provide an immediate cash offer.

You Choose Your Closing Date

In the traditional home-buying process, the acceptance of an offer can really just be the beginning of a long, tedious, and uncertain process. The closing time for a sale is typically 30 days, though buyers can command 60-day closes, sometimes longer.

However long the closing period takes is however long it takes for a seller to get their money and however long they might deal with the chance that a traditional sale could fall apart.

At Brookshire Homes, LLC, the closing time is left up entirely to the seller. I can typically close in as little as one week or however long a seller desires. It’s up to whatever works best for the seller. They choose the closing date. I also enter into every contract with a high degree of confidence about fulfilling any and all obligations to close.

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