About Us

Who I Am

My name’s Eric Cross and I’m an experienced buyer and seller of homes in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. I buy homes GOOD, BAD, and UGLY.

Since 2015, my company, Brookshire Homes, LLC has operated out of North Atlanta, about 35 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, helping many people with homes that are difficult to sell -- foreclosures, short sales, bank-owned, or just plain ugly houses. My team specializes in accepting houses in whatever condition they’re in and transforming them into hot properties. I live for the challenges that distressed properties bring. I wake up each morning ready to talk to contractors, real estate attorneys, and homeowners ready to be rid of problem houses. I also take a determined mindset every time I enter into contract with a homeowner, focused on doing what it takes to fulfill my obligation to close.

I work hard to provide fair value for the homeowners I purchase from and to allow them to move on to the next thing, whatever it is. Homeowners who work with me get a quick, pain-free process. I make their problem go away.

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What I Do

My team at Brookshire Homes, LLC typically works with homeowners who experience a life event. Common events that precede us working together can include:

  • Job loss
  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Short sale
  • Tax lien
  • Death
  • Bad tenants
  • Natural disaster
  • Inherited house

Sometimes, too, a person just has an ugly house on their hands that they want to walk away from. Even in a sellers’ market like Greater Atlanta, ugly houses can sit unsold for painfully long amounts of time.

In any event, problem houses can be difficult to sell through traditional agents or by attempting to do the work themselves to fix them up before putting them on the market. That’s where my team comes in.

Using a tried-and-true process, we welcome properties that other agents might shy away from. I’ll take that ugly house in as-is condition, pay cash for it, and move it as quickly through the closing process as a seller desires. Throughout the process, my team and I function as problem solvers, always looking to help homeowners make their problems go away.

Once I have possession of a house, I go to work on improving it. I make my money at the completion of my process, when a freshly-renovated house is sold at a price that reflects its new value. It’s a lot of work and takes an investment of time and money on my end, but I enjoy the process and I like creating properties that add value to their neighborhoods. I wouldn’t be doing this work if it wasn’t fulfilling.

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