Want to get cash for your Atlanta home FAST?

Sell your home for CASH with no real estate agents, no repairs, and no hassle.

My name’s Eric Cross

I buy houses Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Got a house that would scare a traditional real estate agent? Got a problem house you’re ready to walk away from? Need cash for that house yesterday?

You’ve come to the right place.

Experienced in the Greater Atlanta Market

I own and operate Brookshire Homes, LLC, which is based in North Atlanta, 35 miles from downtown Atlanta. My team and I have decades of combined experience helping sellers in the greater metropolitan area move on from unwanted or distressed properties.

Brookshire Homes LLC Easy Process

An Easy Process

Selling a home through a traditional real estate agent is a maze of inspections, appraisals, and fees that can last for months. I PAY CASH, waive inspections and appraisals, cover all closing costs, and can close in as little as seven days, if that’s what a seller needs.

Brookshire Homes LLC No Pressure Sales

No Pressure Sales

Some agents give the home selling industry a bad name, awkwardly trying to force homeowners into surrendering their possession. I shun this approach, preferring to help people with a matter-of-fact and courteous style.

Brookshire Homes LLC Choose Your Closing Date

Choose Your Closing Date

Homes sold through traditional methods will generally take 30-60 days to close. I leave closing dates to homeowners, allowing them to choose whatever works for them. I can close in as little as a week or as long as several months—

No Home Too Ugly

I specialize in buying inherited, unwanted, or just-plain-ugly houses. There is simply no home too out-of-date or broken-down for my interest.

Get a Cash Offer

Some buyers want all sorts of hurdles and conditions before they even submit a cash offer. Not me. Just send me some basic info about your home and I can get a cash offer to you in short time. I’ll make your problem go away and get you paid, so you can move on.